Saturday, June 7, 2008

So first off, the reason why I'm blogging about novelty fake ID companies and their scams is because there have been
way too many complaints about them. Go ahead, type in "novelty fake ID rip-offs" on any search engine, and you will find that the pages go on and on about unethical companies trying to sell fake ID's. I'm not trying to sell anything and I'm not apart of any fake ID company, I'm just trying to help out people so they don't give away their hard-earned money.

The Big Boys of Fake ID Scams:
The biggest scammer of all time doing novelty fake ID's is the owner of His name is David Duncombe. This guy also owns and all the sites listed on it as well. There's a couple reasons why I know its all hoax:

1. The Underground Review website hasn't been updated since 2006 (at the bottom, it says Copyright 2004/06).
2. links to, which links to Underground-Review, which all link to, even though there has been numerous complaints (like THIS ONE) about the website...and would a review website really put a scammer on it? The answer is NO.
3. Since is obviously maintained by the same person who runs all of these, then obviously is can't be credible. claims "
don't buy from sites located in the USA, they are all scams". How can this be true? Wouldn't you think the United States would have more resources to make better American ID's than people who live in other countries? (such as David Duncombe who owns all of these sites, and who happens to live in the United Arab Emerites...I know because I tried ordering an ID from him a while back)
4. 21Overnight also tells the viewer to "
beware of Fake ID companies who take money orders and credit cards", which makes no sense, because Novelty Fake ID's are not illegal, and some places do take credit cards (such as THIS ONE, even though it probably isn't running anymore because it hasn't been updated since 2007). To accept credit cards, you need to be registered, so obviously companies who take them must be registered, therefore legit.

Another big time Fake ID scammer goes by the name of Liam Cairn. This guy isn't as slick as Mr. Duncombe, but scams just as much. It's obvious if you take a good look at all of the Fake ID sites he owns that have the same design:

Same Design 1:
Same Design 2:

Real Complaints:
Novelty ID Factory -
Novelty ID Maker -
Fake ID Guru -
Fast ID's, I-d-e-n-t-i-t-y -
Underground Review Sites -
Make My ID -
Novelty ID Pro -

There are too many complaints on these websites to post on here, but to find out who's fake, go to and type in "novelty fake ID". You will be shocked how many complaints have been reported.

How to Tell the Fake from the Real:

It's hard to tell who's real and who's fake, but here are some tips when looking for a real website to order off of:

1. Look at the bottom of the website. Does it have a copyright date or the time when it was last updated? If it does, it must say the year "2008", meaning they're still in business (but could still be a scam). If it has any other date or year then it hasn't been updated for a while, so it obviously has to be fake.
2. Check the ID examples. Most novelty ID companies have an examples page, or images of some. If the ID examples aren't high quality or not an up-to-date ID, then the company is fake (like THIS ONE). Also, try to find the companies that take pictures of their ID's (such as THIS ONE). If they take pictures of their ID's, then they do make them.
3. See if they link to ID review sites, or other fake ID sites. If they do this, then those websites are almost guaranteed to be owned by the same operator of that web site. The best example is at the top of this article, but it has also been shown with the owner of, who's website shut down (who also owns/used to own FakeIDOnline, FakeIDgroup, and NoveltyIDgroup).
4. Take a close look at the shipping options. If a company offers only shipping by package, then they could possibly be a scam. Why would a credit-card sized ID need to be shipped in a whole package? Some people prefer this method, while others think they shouldn't pay for packaging. At least if a website states the option of regular envelope, then they could have enough common sense that a small peice of plastic doesn't need that much packaging.

5. Read any Disclaimers or Terms of Service. These sometimes are tricky. Sometimes, there are statements in these Disclaimers/Terms of Service saying that the company might not even send the ID. But since its in the Terms of Service, the buyer should have expected it. Even if they're long, ALWAYS read them.

Sites to Stay Away from:
So, based on real consumer reports, and other factors (such as the tips explained above), I have came up with a list of Novelty ID websites and Novelty ID Review that you should stay away from.

Fake ID Sites:
Fake ID Review Sites:

Comment to add to this list. Any help on this blog would be greatly appreciated.

*Notes: I-D-E-N-T-I-F-I-C-A-T-I-O-NS.COM has changed to FAKEIDSQUICK.COM.

Legit Sites:
These sites have been reported to be legit, with absolutely no complaints (yet).

A very good fake ID discussion place is on the Fake & Novelty ID Page on ComplaintsBoard. If you want to help me out with this blog, just comment and say another legit site, or anything else on Novelty ID's and I'll be happy to post it up here.

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